Statutory Accounts

Crestada has been preparing statutory accounts for well over a decade. Quality is incredibly important to us. This is why we use qualified staff to review any accounts before they are sent to a client.

Our process is structured and defined to prepare statutory accounts from Trial balance. Files prepared are as per the client’s preferred format and financial check-list. Each account is critically analysed and the key points are summarised in the notes.

Costing and deadlines are pre-agreed before commencement of work and a dedicated accounts manager is assigned to facilitate the work. Files are reviewed by qualified staff with strict quality checks in place. The completed files are delivered digitally and by courier (if requested) as per the initial agreement with the client.

Outsourcing your year-end statutory accounts will relieve you from this essential but labour-intensive task and free up your senior managers to focus on revenue generating services.

A named contact will co-ordinate the accounts production with you; you just send us your clients’ accounts data either electronically or for scanning as appropriate, and we will produce accounts for you to deliver to your client.

Scope of work
  • Preparation of working papers including control асcounts and lead schedules

  • Analysis of income and expense

  • Reconciliation of all control accounts with statement balances

  • Preparation of extended trial balance

  • Posting workings in accounts productions software

  • Draft accounts in pdf and iXBR

  • Two-level review of processes

  • Filing of accounts with Companies House and HMRC

  • You'll need to provide
  • Last year's working papers

  • Checklist
  • Software backup

  • Current year documents and files

  • Reports
  • Excel working papers with indices, hyperlinks, lead schedules and control accounts

  • Full set of accounts

  • Abbreviated accounts

  • Software backup

  • Software

    We are technology agnostic which means we can work with any software you use.